There is a day which comes just once every year.
That day is famous throughout the world with a common theme - The Fools' Day! 1st of April - that's the date which has carried this theme for years together

Even though giants like Apple Inc. and Google made some significant strategies on this date, 1 April continued to signify Fools' Day

But it so happened that in the year 2012, on this significant date of 1 April, while people around the world kept thinking of a common theme, somewhere in the heart of Gujarat we thought otherwise

We thought of adding a new taste to it. And maybe even rechristening this dateā€¦

So on 1 April 2012, we created the most delicious flavors of excitement, adding Mazza to the lives of people all across the world!

And that's how on 1st of April, 2012 Puzzles, the leading snack manufacturer, was born

With ingredients of enjoyment, the appetizing snacks and namkeens of Puzzles are here to add a tinge of everlasting fun in the daily routine of our lives

So why restrict 1 April to Fool's day? Let's rechristen it...let's celebrate it as the Mazzedaar Day of our lives!

Welcome to the mouth watering-mazzedaar world of Puzzles

Come taste the excitement packed in Puzzles!

Snacks Manufacturer in Gujarat
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