There is a hero inside of everyone…
and a 'PuzzHero' inside everyone who knows how to enjoy!
Here's how PuzzHero used the super-power withheld in every
pack of Puzzles to find mazza in someone…

And he's probably visiting you next!

As I sat down with my Chai,
PuzzHero came over, said a "hi",
"There's something missing" said I,
As I sipped my Chai with a sigh,
"Let me see" said PuzzHero, "let me try"
Fixing his jigsaw, he flew in the sky,
Made a snack of fun and joy,
'Oh! That's Puzzles', said I,
This yummy pack of bliss I munched,
As I licked my fingers dry,
And to all my gloom, I said bye bye
With Mazza now inside me,
PuzzHero became I…

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Puzzles…the snack pack which makes mazza come alive in you!

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